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  • the original tour from Reykjavík

  • overalls to wear during the tour

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 11.16.18.png
  • highly qualified and experienced crew

  • big, safe & stable boat

  • daily departures year-round

  • amazing wildlife; whales and birds

  • refreshments available onboard

  • great landscape views

Tour description

Enjoy 3 hrs. at sea with our expert crew and specially trained naturalists in search for the whales and wildlife of Reykjavík. The city view and landscape of the bay is also not to be missed and adds that something special to the experience.

The most common species encountered on our tours are the minke whales, humpback whales, white-beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises. Occasionally we see other species such as killer whales, fin whales, sei whales and long-finned pilot whales, although they are not as common. The whales are most abundant in summer, giving us a great chance to enjoy and understand them in their natural environment while they are feeding on fish and krill near our shores, although each year continues to surprise us with the variety of wildlife we see in winter and our research shows that more and more whales are staying in the area year round!

Keep in mind

This is a wildlife excursion and as such we can never guarantee or predict sightings of any kind, but in case we don't encounter any whales or dolphins, we will offer you a return ticket so you can join us again another day (within 2 years) for FREE! 


We reserve the right to alter routes and itineraries by sometimes sailing from other harbours, which could result in a slightly longer tour. If you are on a tight schedule we suggest you consult with our sales representatives.


Weather at sea is always colder than on land and therefore we recommend dressing appropriately, by wearing warm clothing and good sturdy shoes. You can also borrow one of our warm blankets and overalls provided on board if needed. For optimal viewing and a more enjoyable cruise this tour is weather dependent. 

We abide by a code of conduct for responsible whale watching, thus each encounter is on the animal's terms and distance may be kept to minimise disturbance.

This tour departs from the Old Harbour in Reykjavík.

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